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Our aim is to change your unhealthy relationship with food. Our programs are designed to avoid plateaus. Choose 1 or all. Need to be done in that order.

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one up-front payment for 12 weeks
  • Welcome pack with Instruction manual, Australian shopping list, eating out guide and much more
  • 2 x 1-hr initial consultations
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  • 3N keto + intermittent fasting protocol

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  • FreeStyle Optium blood β-Ketone test strips are available for the self-testing of blood ketones. The ketone testing strips can be used with the FreeStyle Optium Neo, FreeStyle Optium, Optium Xceed, and Optium meters.
Our Commitment to you

The Bandaid Solutions Don’t Work – Fix the Root Cause Once And For all


Cutting Calories and being hungry all the time is not sustainable. With Keto you can eat as much as you want, in excess of 5000 calories and still lose weight. We help you lose weight so you never have to lose again.


We will help keep you accountable by walking with you every step of the way! I don’t believe in plan B because plan A works.


We will help you change your relationship with food, so you are no longer a slave to food.
“We will turn you into a monster, we will change your relationship with food forever, we will liberate you, you will revert be the same person again, there is no plan B because plan A works”.
Our 3N Program

No Hunger. No Exercise. No Calorie Restriction

Weight loss can be arguably one of the most frustrating and disheartening journeys we embark on. Constantly bombarded with conflicting ideas about ‘the perfect diet’ or the ‘next big thing’ in terms of weight loss, it can be quite discouraging when none of it works or the process is just too demanding and difficult to sustain. Been there; done that!
Weight loss is made to look rather hard: lots of sweat, work and setbacks throughout the process, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Wouldn’t you rather lose weight effortlessly? I dedicated my life to trying to find a simple regime, which involves No exercise, No hunger and No calorie restriction. Hence I called my program “3N”. I tried everything in the past and failed every time; I just couldn’t sustain it. You should never be exhausted, drained or starving while trying to look your best. If you are tired, drained and starving and continually battling cravings, you will not finish your race, and it will not be long before you hit a road block. Instead, you should be eating delicious food with a high level of satiety, you should be full of energy and in the best mood of your life. This is my motto and what my program is all about; it’s not just about good results, but good results with an enjoyable process – this is what will get you over the line and help you achieve your goals.
If you think about why most people quit and not reach such goals, it is because the conventional way of “calories in vs calories out” is merely unsustainable. It requires you to eat less, and exercise more to create a deficit and in return lose weight. Is this sustainable? I know I failed every time I tried it because I was exhausted; I just couldn’t go the distance and with every setback, it was harder to start the next time


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