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By reducing the amount of carbohydrates in the diet, spikes in blood sugar are minimized which in turn lowers the activity of insulin all together. This is helpful because there will be less fat storage and the body will start reversing insulin resistance to insulin “sensitivity”. Once the body becomes insulin sensitive it will secrete just the right amount of insulin, rather than an excessive amount, to drop sugar levels. So a less amount of insulin leads to less fat storage. The point is to reduce insulin activity so much so as to reverse insulin resistance.
No, Ketogenic diet replaces carbs for ketones, where these diets don’t give the body an alternative fuel.
No, unless you are a type 1 diabetic.
No, the Ketogenic diet is a muscle sparing diet, since essential amino acids are elevated.
No, there are many studies which have proven its safety in long term use.
Many of our clients who have stopped the diet and still continue to lose weight since they have improved their insulin resistance.
No. Eating saturated fats raise HDL (Good cholesterol) and reduce triglycerides (bad cholesterol).


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