What is keto

Eating Less & Exercising More Only Works Short Term

We know the secret to lasting weight loss

If your wish has always been to have a metabolism like that of an envied skinny friend or family member that can eat what they want and not get fat, this is it. When you eat carbohydrates, they become your body’s primary source of fuel. Your body will not burn fat as long as carbohydrates are present in your diet. When you limit your carbohydrate intake, your body has to find another type of fuel it can rely upon, a type of fuel we all have enough of but can’t access.

My Story | Maged Abraham

Mindset, Motivation & Sustainability

Change your relationship with Food so you are no longer a slave to your food!

“I struggled with my weight all my life; I did it all. I followed every nutrition advice out there, and I failed. I decided to study a Bachelor of Nutritional medicine and dietetics so I can lose weight. Now I am on a mission to empower you with the “Know how”. I will change your life by changing your unhealthy relationship with food and making you accountable. Also, you will lose weight effortlessly, you won’t have to be hungry, you won’t have to do cardio, and you won’t need to budget your calories”.

Are you already doing Keto?

Are you sure that you are doing Keto correctly? What are you eating?

Why Keto?​

Why you keep failing​

You don’t know your body

Still doing what works for others and haven’t worked out what works for you.


You expect a miracle, and you have unrealistic time restraints.

Metabolic damage

Weight gain is a consequence of disease. You didn’t fix the damage.


No one has challenged your excuses, we have heard them all.


You have never been held accountable.

Hungry & Unsunstainable

Fighting hunger and cutting calories, is not SUSTAINABLE.
Where to start

Choose Your Perfect plan

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Our aim is to change your unhealthy relationship with food. Our programs are designed to avoid plateaus. Choose 1 or all. Need to be done in that order.

3N 12-week Challenge

one up-front payment for 12 weeks
  • Welcome Pack with Instruction manual, Australian shopping list, eating out guide and much more.
  • 2 x 1hr initial consultations
  • personalised weekly meal plan
  • weekly scheduled 30 min calls
  • Daily emails (capped at 3 emails per day)
  • Access to 3N private Facebook group
  • 3N keto + intermittent fasting protocol

Shopping List

  • Not sure what is keto friendly foods? Grab your Shopping List today! We have done the research for you.

Ketone Strips

  • 10 strips
  • FreeStyle Optium blood β-Ketone test strips are available for the self-testing of blood ketones. The ketone testing strips can be used with the FreeStyle Optium Neo, FreeStyle Optium, Optium Xceed, and Optium meters.
Keto Program

What we provide

Group 32

Coaching & Support

  • A proven and effective 12 week one-on-one program tailored for you
  • 2 X 1 hr initial consultations face to face
  • Daily email support
  • Constant support dealing with the same personal coach all the way through
Group 35

Tailor made for you

  • Plan of attack to suit your goal
  • A sample personalised 7-day meal plan according to your blood results
  • Option to continue on our popular maintenance program tailored you
Group 37


  • Be a part of a fun friendly environment where everyone is on the same journey
  • 24/7 private Facebook community support monitored 24/7 by us, including, recipes, motivation, tips and ideas etc.
  • Access to private videos/webinars/Q&A’
Group 45

Secrets, Hacks & Tips

  • Instruction manual
  • Pantry list
  • ​​Recipes tailored to you
  • Eating out guide
Group 35

Daily monitoring

  • Your daily blood work analysed by our pharmacist, who will alter your diet accordingly
Path 40


We do Skype, Messenger, Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp consulting etc. for your convenience.
Video Tips

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